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Engagement Session Tips | Central Illinois Wedding Photographer

Engagement photos can seem a little intimidating, especially if you two have not had your photos professionally taken before! Don’t worry, I got you! Here are some tips for ROCKING your engagement session this year: 1. Make a day of it! Start the day at your favorite breakfast or brunch spot and end it getting some drinks or coffee right before your session. This is a great way to prepare for feeling connected during your session along with giving yourselves time to discuss ideas! 2. Wear something you’re comfortable in! This is pretty seclf explanatory but worrying about adjusting your clothes the whole session or feeling itchy is NOT the way to get you into romantic vibes. When choosing outfits, be sure to avoid overly neon colors or reflective fabrics. For example, a shiny fuchsia shirt can reflect those tones back onto your face. I recommend natural, timeless pieces that you love! Also, make sure they’re steamed or ironed too. 😉

3. An extension of tip number two is to bring a change of outfits! I love when my clients choose both a casual and a dressy option for the photos (I will never complain about a long neutral colored dress). Plus, this helps offer some variety and you may decide you like one outfit better than your first choice! 4. Make the session your own! Love hiking and the outdoors? Pick your favorite spot to go and get some gorgeous sunset photos! Love curling up on the couch and watching Netflix? An in-home session could be just your style. Going to your favorite outdoor brewery or coffee shop is so much fun too! The possibilities are endless and you’ll end up with photos that have personal meaning for you. 5. If at any point you aren’t sure what to do, kiss! Pretending the camera isn’t around is often what leads to the best photos! This is practice for your wedding day after all, where you will have constant paparazzi All. Day. Long.

6. Get that ring sparkly clean and have your nails done! We will be doing a lot of closeups of your hand to show off that gorgeous ring, so having it photo-ready is a must! 7. Last but not least, getting your hair and makeup professionally done can make a huge difference! You want to feel your best and the pros know what is going to look great in photos! I hope this helps! I can’t wait to photograph so many of your favorite moments this year!


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