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Welcoming a new member to the family is a beautiful and joyful experience. If this is why you're here, congratulations!

These precious, fleeting moments are worth celebrating and documenting to pass down as family heirlooms. That is one of the things that makes professional newborn portraits so important.

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so fast
I started newborn photography before I even booked my first wedding and I have always had a passion for working with kids! That lead me to teaching in my early twenties and now I still get giddy every time a baby falls asleep in my arms or I get their shy sibling to crack a smile.

My goal during your session is to keep you as relaxed as possible. Whether you choose a Studio or Lifestyle session, you can take a seat and watch while I wrap the baby, set up the backdrops and decorate with props!

For all sessions, we recommend waiting until 15 minutes before the session to feed so we have the best chance for a sleepy little one! 

I N V E S T M E N T S   S T A R T  A T  $ 3 9 5  F O R  2 - 3  H O U R S 
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- Props, backdrops, and wraps in every color
-Posed images with studio lighting



- Photographed at home or another comfortable location
- Semi-posed, natural images with minimal props

S A F E T Y   N O T I C E
Each baby is unique and handles posing differently. For this reason, we cannot guarantee any specific pose or prop.

Pinterest newborn photos may be heavily edited, or a combination of several photos to ensure the child's safety. We do not take photos that make a child appear to be posed in an uncomfortable way ("froggy pose", etc.) or without proper head and neck support.
In every posing situation, safety is the number one priority.
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